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Don't Get Caught Out of Gas

Unpredictable weather this season means you may be using more

propane than you anticipated.

Luckily, Johnson Propane makes it easy to get the propane you need when

you need it with our easy delivery options.

Automatic Delivery

What's easier than doing nothing? That's what's required of you when you use

automatic delivery from Johnson Propane. We track your consumption via our

computer system using "heating degree days"

This term refers to the demand for energy to heat your home daily, determined by the

average of day's high and low temperatures. So, when the system identifies your're getting low on propane, we will automatically schedule a delivery to your home. This greatly reduces your chances of running out of propane.

Will-Call Delivery

If your usage is more unpredictable, or your'd like a little more control regarding your deliveries, our will-call delivery option may be more your speed. Just give us a call when your tank is at 40% capacity, and we'll deliver your gas within five business days.

Making Deliveries Easy

Here are some simple tips for safe, reliable propane delivery and use.

- Keep your driveways clear of snow

- Create a path to your tank

- Make sure tank is visble

- Keep exhaust vents clear

- Never bring outdoor appliances indoors

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