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EZ Pay Monthly Plan

Johnson Propane offers several payment programs designed to help you budget your propane energy bills. Spend less time worrying about what your next propane bill is going to be, and more time focusing on what's really important to you. Give our office a call and a team member will help you figure out what program will work best for your needs.

EZ Monthly Plan. We can figure out how much gas you need for a year and bill you monthly instead of paying with each delivery ticket. This is a great plan for someone who likes to know exactly what needs to be paid each month.

John and Jane have a home with a propane furnace and water heater. They lease a 500 gallon tank for their 1,500 square foot home. They decided to contract 700 gallons at $1.50. The amount of the contract is $1,050.00 plus 1% tax ($10.50). 

They start their 10 month contract in September and send in their first payment on September 10th.


1,060.50 / 10 = 106.05

John and Jane pay $106.05 each month from September till June.

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