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Propane Autogas

What is Propane Autogas?

Propane Autogas is liquid petroleum gas, or propane, labeled for use in on-road vehicles. Propane Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world, behind gasoline & diesel, with more than 23 million vehicles powered using Propane Autogas around the world. Propane Autogas vehicles burn clean and can run at higher compression ratios than conventional vehicles. This results in higher energy output, while producing lower emissions levels.

AutoGas is typically 30%-60% less expensive than gasoline, so even with a 1% – 10% fuel economy loss, it is an incredibly cost effective vehicle fuel. It is also a cleaner burning fuel than gasoline or diesel, which means with less harmful exhaust emissions and less wear on the engine. It’s better for your engine and for the air we all breathe.

Types of Vehicles 

There are different types of vehicles that run on Propane Autogas from light-duty vehicles, like taxicabs and law enforcement vehicles, to medium duty vehicles, like food and beverage trucks.

School buses can now be run on Propane Autogas as well & are a great option for schools with a lot of benefits including:

  • Cleaner for our environment & students - The propane autogas exhaust does not have the harmful matter in it that's found in diesel exhaust which mean students aren't breathing in harmful particles and it's not polluting our air. 

  • Un-compromised Safety - Compared to diesel buses, propane autogas buses are noticeably quieter which allows the driver to pay better attention to the children in the rear of the bus and the road in front of them. 

  • Saving funds for education - With propane autogas costing significantly less than diesel fuel, school can save money on fuel to put towards more educational uses. Propane autogas buses don't require the same expensive repairs & replacement parts that modern diesel buses do.   

For more information, download flyer about Propane Autogas School Buses here or fill out our contact form.

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