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by Detroit Radiant Products Company


Johnson Propane Heating and Cooling sells Detroit Radiant tube heaters that are perfect for your business or shop heating needs. Tube heaters are an excellent way to efficiently heat your space using "sun like" technology.

Johnson Propane Tube Heater ReVerberRay
DX3 Series

The DX3 series tube heater is a single stage, low intensity heater that runs on propane or natural gas. Customizable length to fit your buidling Performance is enhanced through the use of a specially designed stainless steel burner and black coated titanium stabilized and/or aluminized coated steel radiant exchangers. This low intensity heat has the performance and longevity you are looking for to heat your business or shop building.

Reverberray Heater Johnson Propane Heating Cooling

Infrared Technology

Infrared heats objects first, instead of the air (forced air system). The air is heated secondarily. It works like the sun by generating radiant energy that is converted into heat when absorbed by objects in its path. This type of heating is perfect for agriculture buildings, warehouses, storerooms, or any other building with diverse conditions. Check out this video to learn more about infrared heating. For even more information check out the Reverberray website. 

Product Features

  • Highly Polished Aluminum Reflectors

  • Coated Titanium or Aluminized Combustion Chamber

  • Coated Aluminized Radiant Tubes

  • Hot Surface Ignition

  • Stainless Steel Flexible Gas Connector

  • Interlocking Swaged Tubes

  • Stainless Steel Models Available

  • Reflector End Caps Included

  • U or L Configurations Available

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