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Johnson Propane Heating & Cooling can help you find the perfect model for your space. No matter what type of space you need to heat, Empire's zone heaters will fit your requirements perfectly. Empire vent free heaters are virtually 100% fuel efficient. Because these heaters do not require venting, no heat is lost. Best of all, these units do not require electricity to operate. Empire radiant models produce an infrared "radiant" heat that instantly adds warmth to people and objects in the room, just like the heat from the sun.


Empire vent free heaters offer convenient, easy to operate controls on the top of the unit. The push button ignitor lights the pilot, eliminating the need for matches or a lighter. Each unit is test fired in the factory and contains an oxygen depletion sensor that shuts off the unit if not enough fresh air is available. These units are whisper quiet and use a state of the art powder coating process that produces a durable scratch resistant finish. The SR-10T, SR-18T & SR-30T are thermostatically controlled from full input down to pilot, just turn the unit on and let the thermostat cycle the heat.

The Perfect Heater for Any Environment

  • 99.9 Percent Efficient

  • Safe Operation with Auto Shut-Off Safety Controls

  • Manual and Thermostatic Controls

  • Matchless Piezo Igniter

  • Available in Propane or Natural Gas

  • All Models Heat Without Electricity

  • Mounts on Wall or Floor Stand

  • Optional Blower (choose manual or automatic)

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on Parts and Labor

  • Made in the USA

  • All Models Continue to Operate During Power Failures

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SR-30, SR-30T

SR-6, SR-10, SR-10T

BF-10, BF-20

SR-18, SR-18T


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