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Propane-Powered Grain Dryers


Are you thinking about adding a grain dryer to your operation? Do you need to replace an older model grain dryer? Johnson Propane Heating & Cooling Inc. has the products and service technicians to help you through the process. Today's grain dryers are more efficient (up to 50% more than previous models), cleaner, longer-lasting and more cost-effective.


There is a reason more than 80% of grain dryers in America run on propane, it is the best solution because of its ability to store from one season to the next, easy delivery, and little-to-no possibility of theft. Now is a great time to upgrade, call Propane Hank for an estimate on your project today. 

On Farm Grain Drying


Many farmers rely on propane grain dryers when the moisture levels are above 15% but they need product right away. Late planting and wet conditions lead to more grain drying for many farmers. This year we are at above average rain fall throughtout most of Iowa, which means more moisture in the crop.


 Investing in a propane dryer puts you in the driver's seat, with more flexibility at harvest time and more control over marketing your grain. Eliminate the premiums you pay the Elevator-- dry your grain on the farm instead, that puts money back in your pocket.

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