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Meet Propane Hank

Henry R. Jessen "Propane Hank" became half owner of Johnson Oil at the young age of eighteen. He purchased full ownership in 2007 and he is the driving force behind all Johnson Propane and Cylinder Express operations. Henry's first priority has always been customer service, that is why we also provide licensed HVAC service. It has always been important to be available for his customers. If anyone has a question, they can ask Propane Hank and he will be happy to help.

Meet Mrs.Propane Hank

Bev Jessen "Mrs. Propane Hank" has a myriad of duties for both Johnson Propane and Cylinder Express. She has been working side by side with Henry for the past 17 years and is his biggest supporter. Bev is an original member of the Iowa Propane Education and Research Council board. She continues to serve on the board to promote the importance of safety, education, and training being offered to customers, consumers, the public, and marketers. She also was nominated and installed on the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa board of directors in 2014.

Meet Jacob

Jacob has his Class A CDL and delivers forklift and grill cylinder tanks to our Cylinder Express customers and propane to our Johnson Propane residential and commercial customers. He is also a certified HVAC/R service technician licensed in the State of Iowa and performs services such as furnace and air conditioning installation, water heater installation, and propane tank installation.


Meet Jordan

Jordan delivers forklift and grill cylinders for Cylinder Express and delivers propane to Johnson Propane customers. Jordan is a certified HVAC/R service technician licensed in the State of Iowa. He has a Class A CDL. Jordan has an Associates Degree in Business Administration. He is also a member of the Battle Creek Fire Department.

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