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Meet the Crew

We believe in building strong relationships with our customers, because everyone deserves personal, reliable service. Our team works hard to provide exactly what you need, when you need it.


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Cylinder Express Drivers & Sales Team

Bruce Roecker  

Jacob Jessen

Monte Jensen        

Brian Down

Roger Rothe

Martin Adams

Johnson Propane LP Drivers & Sales Team

Grant Clausen - Schleswig/Odebolt delivery driver  

Jacob Jessen - All locations delivery driver

Brent Rosauer - Battle Creek/Correctionville delivery driver

Jordan Alm - All locations delivery driver

Schleswig & Odebolt Office


Bev Jessen

Grant Clausen

HVAC/R Certified Service Technicians

Trent Scofield

Keith Vermeys

Henry R. Jessen

Jacob Jessen

Jordan Alm

Grant Clausen

Cory Thies


Battle Creek Production



Clay Christiansen

Cody Rivera

Kyler Prell

Kevin Prell


Welcome Clay! Call or stop in and say hello to Johnson Propane's newest team member!

Battle Creek Office


Henry R. Jessen - Owner/Operator

Bev Jessen - Co-Owner/Operator

Tricia Cipperley - Office Team Member

Jess Wallace - Office Team Member

Abby Fundermann - Office Team Member

Amy Buck - Office Team Member

Amanda Campbell - Office Team Member

Karen Maricle - Office Team Member

Skylar Shever - Maintenance/Mechanic

Johnson Propane has five bulk propane tank locations so that we can provide services to a large number of communities in Western Iowa. If you are wondering if we provide services in your area just give us a call or send us a message, we look forward to hearing from you!

Correctionville & Anthon Office


Jordan Alm

Brent Rosauer

Tricia Picture.JPG

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