• Keep your tank upright inside the vehicle, not in the trunk. 

  • Secure the tank so that it will not roll around in the vehicle.

  • Keep your windows down for ventilation. 

Have you ever wondered where to put your propane cylinder before driving?

If you have any questions on how to operate your propane cylinder call Propane Hank and he will help you through the process. Our phone number is displayed in large print on the product sleeve because we like hearing feedback from  customers.


Do you think there is something wrong with your grill or new propane cylinder? Call Propane Hank or send him a message with this form so he can help you with some easy troubleshooting before you purchase a new grill or exchange your tank. Many times there is a quick and easy solution.

Having trouble getting your gas grill started?

Let's find a solution!

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Transporting Your Propane Cylinder


"Taking Your Propane Tank for a Ride"

a video by Technical Standards and Safety Authority

Take a moment to consider where you have put your grill cylinder on the drive home or to the park. Did you throw it in the back of your pickup or in your trunk? If you answered yes then you need to watch the above video and learn the safest way to transport propane in your vehicle.

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