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Extreme Heat

Keeping your family safe: important information about propane safety when it comes to extreme heat.

EXTREME HEAT is here, please take a moment to understand how this could effect your propane tank. We recently have seen several tanks that have been overfilled (by another company), which is EXTREMELY dangerous. Your tank should never be more than 80% full because propane expands in heat. Propane is safe when handled correctly. Please take the time to learn about propane-related safety and discuss it with your family because it will reduce the potential for property loss, personal injury, and even death.

Make sure the area within 10 feet of your propane tank and propane grill is clear of flammable materials. Remove any debris that is combustible or easily ignited, including leaves, brush, vegetation, and rags.

Cool down your outdoor propane tank by spraying it with a garden hose. By doing so you can help lower the gas pressure and elevated temperature levels inside the tank. This reduces the possibility of the system releasing excess gas through the pressure-relief valve, its built-in safety feature.

For even more safety information please visit our Safety page on

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