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Replacing Your Water Heater

Have you been considering installing a new water heater? Researching and comparing all your options is essential to finding the perfect water heater for your specific needs. It can be overwhelming when you look at all the options that are out on the market today, but Propane Hank is here to help you out. Your water heater is costing you hundreds of dollars each year to run, so its important to make the right choice when you are ready to replace or upgrade.

Water Heater Efficiency Regulations--The Department of Energy came out with new standards in 2015 that require new water heaters, regardless of size, type, or heating source, to run more efficiently. An average storage tank water heater is 40-52 gallons. The price hasn't gone up too drastically for these models, maybe $50-$100 more than the previous (less efficient) models. The upfront cost may have gone up, but remember you will see the savings on your energy bill.

Below is a summary of how each type of water heater is affected by the updated federal NAECA standards.


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