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5 Steps to Get You Home Winter-Ready

Now is a great time to get your home ready for the cold winter months ahead. These steps will help you save some money on your heating costs.

1. Seal drafty doors.

If there is any air leaking into your home around your doors, install foam or weather stripping around it. Also, put on a door sweep to lock the cold air out.

2. Patch up the attic

If you have any gaps in your attic, seal it up with caulk or expanding foam. These gaps could possibly be letting out up to 30% of your heated air.

3. Give your furnace unit some TLC

Make sure to have your furnace cleaned & checked (Give Propane Hank a call if you need someone to do that for you!). Also, be sure to replace the filter as needed throughout the season.

4. Prep your pipes

To protect your water pipes from the cold and possibility of freezing, wrap them in foam sleeve insulation.

5. Winterize your ceiling fans

Flip the switch on your ceiling fans to it rotates clockwise. This will push the warm air down and help save you energy costs.

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