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Checking your gas grill for leaks

by the National Fire Protection Association

Before you start up your gas grill this season, check out this short video for safety precautions.

Did you know there is a very simple and safe way to check for leaks after you hook up your gas cylinder to your grill? Watch this video because it could save you valuable time and money. Remember if you ever need assistance to call Propane Hank (888) 365-1241.

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Cylinder Express Grill Tank

If you have any questions on hooking up your tank to your grill or performing a quick leak check on your grill tank, call Propane Hank and he will help you through the process. Our phone number is displayed in large print on the product sleeve because we like hearing feedback from customers.


Do you think there is something wrong with your cylinder or grill? Call Propane Hank first so he can help you with some troubleshooting before you purchase a new grill or exchange your tank.

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